Podcasts Every Modern Woman Should Be Listening To.

I know what you're thinking, "What is a Modern Woman and why are podcasts such a big deal these days?" I am here to explain it all and tell you exactly how I use podcasts daily to help get inspired, become motivated, or relax and unwind after a busy day. Now for the Modern Woman [...]


A Letter to Miss Addison Grace

Addison Grace, We are officially halfway through this pregnancy journey with you. Just a heads up, you are already so so loved by not only your dad and I, but everyone in their lives and yours. We prayed and prayed that God would bless us with a baby but we never expected that we would [...]

Buying your First House in Your Early 20s

So you want to buy a house? Let me tell you why that will be the most nerve-wracking yet most rewarding decision you will make in your life! We bought our first house at age 23 (me) and 26 (Zach) and we are here to tell you that it is doable and not as scary as [...]

Starting a Blog 101

Whether it was the title or curiosity that brought you here, welcome! They say blogging is easy. They say just to write from your heart and write everything that comes to your mind. That is easier said than done. Blogging is about opening up and allowing others to read your personal thoughts and feelings. Putting [...]