Maternity Stitch Fix Review

This is not a post I typically would do but after a few failed fixes last year, I am so impressed with what Stitch Fix has put together for my first maternity box! Last year I was offered a Style Pass which mean that I could get my fixes without paying the stylist fee so I decided to give them one more chance. I gave very little direction as we hadn’t announced yet when I requested my fix. I had no idea how to style a bump and was not ready to shop on my own. Here are my 5 items and yes I did end up keeping all of them!

LOVEAPPELLA MATERNITY Charlotte Ruched Side Maternity Knit Top

I have practically lived in this shirt since it arrived! It is the perfect fit without suffocating me. The length is longer than normal but I know when my bump is bigger, I will appreciate that. The material of this shirt is lightweight and can be see through but I typically pair it with a full panel pant (see below) and it is perfect! Plus it is something I can wear post baby. It pairs perfectly with the maroon colored cardigan that was also included in this fix featured below!

LIVERPOOL Reagan Maternity Skinny Pant

These pants are to die for. I literally cannot get enough of these leggings/pants. I received a pair of regular Liverpool jeans in one of my old fixes and fell in love so I was excited to try their maternity line. I found out that the maternity line is only offered through Stitch Fix and went on the hunt for another pair which I found on Poshmark. However, I have another fix scheduled that will hopefully include another pair of Liverpool Maternity jeans or leggings!

INGRID & ISABEL Shani Maternity Cowl Neck Sweater

Surprise surprise but I am also obsessed with this sweater haha! The material is lightweight but still keeps me warm. The cowl neck isn’t suffocating and lays very well. I wore this with leggings as it is very long, almost like a tunic. I wore it a few times while it was still cold here in Texas & I love that I can wear it next winter even though it is labeled “maternity”. One thing I love about this fix was that almost every item can be worn post baby with no issues!

LETY & ME Raleigh Cardigan

This cardigan isn’t labeled as maternity but what cardigan is! The color of this matches perfectly with the Loveappela shirt pictured above. Sometimes I run into a problem with cardigan sleeves being too short but these are the perfect length. The material is soft and lightweight. I love how the front lays and the back is not obnoxiously long or too short. Overall, I am pleased with this cardigan and I’m happy that it can go with many other shirts I own!

LOVEAPPELLA Greta Knit Ruched Maternity Dress

Lastly was a dress. The sides of this dress are ruched to allow for my growing bump. I have been on the hunt for good maternity dresses as I will be 8-9 months pregnant in the heat of the Texas summer. Pants (especially full panel pants) just don’t sound very appealing for 100+ degree weather. This dress is a little large and they didn’t have a smaller size available but I like the fit enough that I kept it. Loose fitting items are my favorite and I love that I have a little room to grow into this.

I have added what are called the “style cards” that come with each item and show how you can style that particular item. This is very helpful when it comes to trying to figure out how to switch up each item or what pairs well with it.

Overall, I am VERY happy with what my stylist picked for me. I can’t wait to see what she picks for my second maternity fix! If you would like to grab your own fix (maternity or not) I have an offer for you- $25 off your first fix!

Click here to schedule your first fix:


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