How to Stay Sane During the Wedding Planning Process.

You’re engaged! Yippie!

That new shiny rock on your finger means that you found the best partner to spend the rest of your life with. You may have already had your wedding planned on Pinterest long before McDreamy (shamless Grey’s plug) proposed. If you are like me, you may even have them separated out in to different boards based on categories such as flowers, dresses, decor, bridesmaids, etc. Your very first step should be to grab The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer from Amazon. I PROMISE it is a lifesaver. Not sure how I planned my wedding without it haha!

Photo by: Weddings by Tony and Elena

Here is my first piece of advice as a semi-newly married woman who just planned a wedding, DELETE THE BOARDS! Nothing will make you more stressed that trying to decide how to pull off that perfect flower arch or centerpiece. I thought I knew exactly how I wanted my wedding to look thanks to Pinterest. Its all fun and games until you start planning and realize how overwhelming it is to try to duplicate that perfect Pinterest find.

Did I freak you out? I apologize and that is not my intent at all! Wedding planning is a load of fun and can be done without pulling all of your hair out. I mean I have managed to plan a wedding while completing a masters degree and still have lovely locks of brown/auburn hair.

Your wedding should represent you and your partner’s personality. It should not be a cookie cutter wedding based on a love of pinning. That massive floral wall (looking at you Kim and Kayne) may seem like a good idea but how realistic is it for your budget or wedding season? I know in Texas the heat can make a flower without water welt quicker than you could even say floral wall. Skip the wall and put that money in to alcohol or food. 

While we are on the topic of food and alcohol, keep in mind that the ceremony is for you and your partner and the reception is for your guests. But wait Amanda what do you mean? Well I mean that your reception is a chance to thank all the people who just sat through you and your partner being extremely cute and gushy and to celebrate your new life adventure with them. I was always told, they come for the ceremony and stay because of the reception. So feeding them and making sure they have alcohol in their system is key. Plus who doesn’t want to see their semi-drunk uncle dancing to “Single Ladies”?

Another tip to staying sane, cut corners when at all possible. For my wedding, flowers are not that important. So we cut out real floral centerpieces and opted for fake flowers and other decor for the tables. Saved us over $1000 and lets be honest, who is really gonna be touching the flowers to see if they are real? Stressing over what people think about my wedding is not something I have chosen to do.

To wrap up, you do you! Make your wedding unique and don’t drive yourself crazy trying to duplicate something you found on Pinterest. Because to be honest, no one but you will notice if something isn’t the way you pictured it. Relax and enjoy the planning process. Allow your family to help. Take all the advice and help you can get. You only get married once. Do you want to remember it as the most stressful time in your life?


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