Starting a Blog 101

Whether it was the title or curiosity that brought you here, welcome!

They say blogging is easy. They say just to write from your heart and write everything that comes to your mind. That is easier said than done. Blogging is about opening up and allowing others to read your personal thoughts and feelings. Putting myself in that vulnerable situation is difficult. They don’t call them “personal thoughts and feelings” for no reason, they are truly personal.

So to start I will let y’all in on a personal secret about me. But you promise you can’t tell anyone, ok? I have no idea what to do a majority of the time, I wing a lot of things. You know that whole “fake it until you make it” line? Yeah I am still faking it. I have a Masters degree and I am still faking my way through life. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! Life is all about trial and error. How will we learn from our mistakes if we never make any mistakes?

So back to this title of this blog. How do you start a blog? You just write. Maybe its about you or your life. Maybe you dive right in and its about a certain topic such as wedding planning or fitness. For mine, I chose to focus on life, love, and family. This blog will be a journey for me and I am glad y’all are here for it as well. So sit back and buckle up. Its gonna be a wild ride!

If you would like to see me write about a certain topic please drop it below! I have a head full of knowledge and a heart full of experience so I will do my best to write about any topic thrown at me :)!

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