Holy Sh!t, We’re Pregnant!

Let’s start from the beginning shall we.

To clear up any questions anyone might have, this baby has been in our plans for some time now. It just happened to take longer than we initially thought. But after months and months of negative test after negative test, it all changed on October 21st.

We had planned a trip to visit family in VA since the beginning of the year. While we had hoped we could share baby news during the trip, that just wasn’t in the plans. However, on the 21st I was preparing for our last day in VA and managed to find a pregnancy test in the bottom of my bag that must have been in there since our last trip to the coast. It was the day I was supposed to get a visit from Aunt Flow but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take yet another test. I mean I already knew I was out for the month thanks to the way I was feeling all week.

Here is where things get funny. I dipped the stick and waited to see it show one dark line like usual. However, as it began to develop, I noticed there was something else on the test. Surely it was what I call “line eyes”, aka me just imagining I am seeing two lines because I want them so bad! But nope! I was not imagining anything this time. As the test developed 5 minutes later, there was clearly two lines. O…M…G….

I almost passed out right then and there. However, I knew I had to pull it together because I wanted to tell Zach in a special way and not just blurt it out. I continued the rest of the day and our trip home the next day without saying a word. When we returned from our trip, I tricked Zach in to taking me to Walmart for “Tums and razors” because we were out and my heartburn was unreal (which was very true). He slightly objected but still took me by. I ran in, grabbed the two items I said I would and threw in a pack of the First Response tests.

When we arrived home, I bolted into the bathroom to take the tests. Zach took some time to unload the luggage and get the dogs situated. We had to clean the floors a bit so that gave me some time to take the tests and get the onesie I had made when we first started trying set up to surprise him! Once I got everything ready I pulled out my phone, got ready to hit record, and called him into the room. He was so excited and giggly!! I cried seeing how happy he was.

We spent the next few weeks keeping the news to ourselves until we could confirm at the doctor. At our first appointment which was right at 6 weeks, we got to see his/her heartbeat! This is a crazy journey we are about to go on but we are so ready. Here’s to the next 8 or so months!

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